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Baby’s First Christmas…

Maya will be 7 months old come Christmas this year. Firstly, dafuq did that time go? Secondly, I could never stand accused of being TOO festive prior to having a baby…but now? Who am I and what have I done with the one that downs too many Whiskey neats before midday and winds up the jolly old dozer by 4pm on Christmas?

It is not even December yet and I am nearly done shopping for bub. Seriously, who even am I?

So given myself and Maya’s dad were living together in Sydney CBD in a one-bedroom apartment when she was born, I never really got the chance to nest. We also didn’t find out her gender during the pregnancy, so secretly, I am a little grateful we didn’t spend yonks on a gender-neutral nursery…but by the same token, now we have gone our separate ways, I can build her the nursery of my Pinterest dreams.

One definite perk of single parenting, you can design your interiors without compromise!

And that is her Christmas present this year…and I guess in a way, mine too.

I was worried it was a little droll for a first Christmas, but to fill you in, my Mum (Maya’s Grandma) does Family Day Care…which means the amount of toys and books for children in our house is obscene! So really, the bubble is want for nothing. She already has a bucket-load of interactive & educational toys, play equipment, bikes, scooters, trikes and a cubby, purpose built by my amazing dad.

So a bedroom make over it is.

I will be doing a room reveal on Sole Mamma after Christmas and listing some of the amazing small-business accounts I have either purchased from or collabed with so stay tuned…

Also, if you’d like to discuss a collab feature with me, drop me a line at my email or Insta DM.

Until then, I’ll be falalalala-ing my way into December, really for my first gig as Santa!

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